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This is a community of geeks with a passion for learning and filling our brains! Here I will share tools, tips and tricks along with updates on the Youtube channel which started it all. I hope you enjoy your time here and find something useful in your quest for knowledge. I am also on PeerTube for those who are trying to De-Googlify your life

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North Georgia Linux & Coffee LUG

This is a group for anyone interested in Linux and open source software. Everyone is welcome whether you’re brand new to Linux or an experienced sudo master. Started this group to hang out with other Linux enthusiasts in the North Georgia area who want to network and discuss our passion for the various projects. Bring your laptop, grab some coffee and just talk with others who share your interest.

One of our members is graciously offering their office space at Treasure Tax for us to meet. As the group has grown this allows us all to have a space to hang out and chat.

Get Together | N. GA LUG

*Temporarily this LUG will be held via Zoom meeting virtually. Please click the link above to get additional info.


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New updated website to bring you more brain filling content launched November 2019.

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