Dell XPS – A Tale Of The Perfect Laptop

I’ve had many laptops from Alienware, Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, and just about everything in between. Generally you have to make sacrifices when buying a laptop whether build quality, lack of ports, screen resolution, etc. Some laptops game well but are incredibly heavy. Laptops that are portable generally are under-powered.  The 2016 Dell XPS is an exception to the rule. It’s ultra portable, beautifully constructed and has all the features I look for when considering the perfect laptop. Here is what I personally think makes an incredible laptop solution:

The Perfect Laptop
– Durable material like aluminum frame
– Lightweight
– Beautiful screen
– Backlit keyboard
– Firm responsive keyboard w/ no weird configurations
– Large trackpad
– minimum 8GB ram minimum
– SSD or NVme drive
– Long battery life
– Doesn’t overheat when gaming

The 2016 Dell XPS has all these features and more. If Dell can continue to make laptops of this quality then I will keep buying them. Dude I’ve got a Dell.