– Technology Enthusiast
– 19 years Telecommunications Expertise
– Creator of DasGeek Youtube channel
– PC Building and Repair Expertise
– Host of Destination Linux Podcast
– Writer for Destination Linux Episodes
– Contributing Writer for Tuxdigital podcast
– Linux enthusiast and user since 2016

Growing Up

Grew up running a small computer business with my father. There we built our own line of computers for personal and business applications. I’ve been building computers since the age of 13 where I also managed the storefront and taught other employees how to build and repair computers. Running a store at 13 sounds unbelievable but I had a passion for technology and business early on that drove me to focus my attention there instead of partying or other typical teenage activities. I dropped out of High-school and received a GED so I could continue running the family business. Later went back to college and obtained a degree. While I managed the store my father would write software for many local businesses to maintain their point of sales systems and manage their day to day operations.

We eventually sold the business and I started in Telecommunications. I became a Manager for the first time at eighteen years old and have continued managing teams in the company of over 30k employees for now over eighteen years. My expertise is in increasing organizational performance and employee satisfaction. I’ve won dozens of awards including the companies top awards for having the highest employee and customer satisfaction along with transformation of organizational effectiveness.

During my time in telecom I’ve managed teams from Care, Collections, Network, Analysis, Operations, Software and automation development, Web services and escalations.


One of the hosts of Destination Linux podcast. An amazing show that features regular guys talking about Linux and all it has to offer. We conduct interviews, cover key and trending news and provide information on everything Linux related. My contribution as host includes writing the interviews and weekly shows.

I’ve also contributed to writing episodes for Tuxdigital podcast and appeared as a guest on the Ubuntu Podcast.


Creator of the DasGeek Youtube which chronicles my journey navigating through tech and hopefully helping others become enthusiasts. Love talking to anyone about the technologies or products they’re most passionate about.


While I have a passion for Linux, there is no fanboy’ism here. I believe in using the best technology has to offer. Right now that is Linux. Since my adoption of Linux in 2016 it quickly become a staple of my channel as the amazing community and opportunities to fill my brain were numerous and consistent. In two years of Linux I’ve learned more about computers than the previous 10 years prior. So here is to all the geeks, nerds, and enthusiasts who have helped me and will help me grow my brain in the future.

Open Source supporter as well as a believer that the world is a better place with equal opportunities for everyone to learn and explore the power of tech thanks to the generosity of so many amazing programmers and contributors. Hope that I can contribute to this amazing movement myself.

So that’s a little about boring ol’ me.