Radeon VII – Getting It To Work Ubuntu

If you’re using Arch you’re in good shape with the Radeon VII but with Ubuntu the kernel and Mesa versions are too far behind. Here is how I got my card to work in Ubuntu. Please do proper backups before attempting this. I only tested on my own machine.

Update to kernel 4.20 in Ubuntu

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:paulo-miguel-dias/pkppa
  • sudo apt update
  • sudo apt upgrade
  • reboot
  • sudo apt-get install ukuu
  • Open it via GUI or command line (I did it via GUI)
  • Select kernel 4.20
  • Reboot when done
  • uname -a to validate

Migrating Servers

Due to some unexpected issues with the hosting service I was using the server has been migrated to a Digital Ocean droplet. Due to this migration some of the images were lost. I will be working on updating this over the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience and fill your brains!

Happy New Year & New Mozilla IoT Toys

Happy New Year! In 2019 I’m looking to bring lots of new content for you to fill your brains with. One of the projects I’m most excited about continuing is the Mozilla IoT home automation setup. I’ve recently ordered a new toy to integrate which is a Trane Thermostat that runs on ZWave technology. In addition, home security (cameras and locks) will be added in the future as funds are available. Thank you to the Patrons for supporting the channel and helping me to show off this tech.

You can also expect more Linux, more open source, and more tech reviews. We will also be diving into some of the controversies surrounding certain platforms that are attempting to censor the public and creating content on privacy and security.

I look forward to hearing your comments and getting your feedback. Here is to another year of brain filling fun.

Albion Online Updates

  • While Blizzard continues to snub Linux with their MMO WoW, we have a newer MMO available to us called Albion Online
  • Albion Online is about to receive a major update this November and adds the following functionality:
    • Change your guilds logo
    • Mark a player or NPC as a target during battles
    • See party combat roles
    • New daily combat arena for Guilds and PVP battles
    • Party finder is a huge addition that allows new players or players without a guild to find random strangers to go on quests with.
    • New random dungeons (random in location and what’s inside)
  • So if you want a decent MMO with native Linux support. Check out Albion Online. 

To get it working in Arch:

– Download Albion from website
– Make app executable and open it to start install
– After install the game won’t launch until you put in this command:

1, Install this package: $ sudo pacman -S sndio

2,Create sym link: $ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libsndio.so /usr/lib/libsndio.so.6.1

Steam Play Compatibility Tool

Check out the Steam Play compatibility tool found here: https://spcr.netlify.com/

This tool utilizes the community to rank the games that are working with Steam Proton currently. The games are ranked with the following parameters:

  • Platinum (runs perfectly out of the box)
  • Gold (runs perfectly after tweaks)
  • Silver (runs with minor issues, but generally is playable)
  • Bronze (runs, but often crashes or has issues preventing from playing comfortably)
  • Borked (either won’t start or is crucially unplayable)

Dell XPS – A Tale Of The Perfect Laptop

I’ve had many laptops from Alienware, Dell, HP, ASUS, Lenovo, Apple, Acer, and just about everything in between. Generally you have to make sacrifices when buying a laptop whether build quality, lack of ports, screen resolution, etc. Some laptops game well but are incredibly heavy. Laptops that are portable generally are under-powered.  The 2016 Dell XPS is an exception to the rule. It’s ultra portable, beautifully constructed and has all the features I look for when considering the perfect laptop. Here is what I personally think makes an incredible laptop solution:

The Perfect Laptop
– Durable material like aluminum frame
– Lightweight
– Beautiful screen
– Backlit keyboard
– Firm responsive keyboard w/ no weird configurations
– Large trackpad
– minimum 8GB ram minimum
– SSD or NVme drive
– Long battery life
– Doesn’t overheat when gaming

The 2016 Dell XPS has all these features and more. If Dell can continue to make laptops of this quality then I will keep buying them. Dude I’ve got a Dell.