Favorite Linux Apps

All applications below are my favorite applications to use on Linux.  While most of the programs are entirely free, please consider donating if you end up loving them.

Most of this software is available via your distro software repository or via Snap or Flatpak. If you don’t like my suggestion try this website for a great alternative – AlternativeTo

Music Apps

  • Pithos – Pandora app for Linux
  • Auryo – Soundcloud application for Linux
  • Clementine -Music player and organizer with visualization graphics
  • There are clients for most major music platforms available these are the ones I utilize.

Coding Apps

Social Apps


  • Steam – Digital platform to purchase and store library of games
  • Lutris – FOSS based game management tool
  • Discord – Chat client for gaming and social hangout

Audio Production

  • Ocenaudio – fast and functional audio editor
  • Audacity – free and opensource powerful audio editor
  • KXStudio – Collection of professional audio production tools

Browsing & Privacy

  • Firefox – Best web browser that respects privacy
  • PIA VPN – Best anonymous VPN client for security and privacy web traffic (monthly cost)
  • Clam Antivirus – Antivirus software for Linux
    • Clamtk – GUI interface for Clam Antivirus software for Linux
  • Bitwarden – Store share and sync passwords across devices

Office Documents & Note Taking

  • LibreOffice – Full Office Suite for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheet creation
  • Joplin – Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which can handle a large number of notes organized into notebooks. Connects with Dropbox as storage and has encryption.
  • Simplenote -Simple note taking cloud based application like Evernote but better.

Video Recording & Editing

  • Kdenlive – Fully featured video editing application. Powerful tool that produces all of my Youtube content and Destination Linux content.
  • OBS – Open Broadcaster Studio is a streaming and desktop recording tool.
  • Simplescreenrecorder – lightweight screen recorder if OBS is too taxing on your system.
  • Zoom – video and web conference call and recording tool
  • SMPlayer – Video playback tool that support wide variety of formats
  • Guvcview – Webcam settings changer and editor
  • Lightworks – while not open source. If you require a video editor for professional level application this tool works great on Linux. It has also been used to edit Emmy Award winning movies. It’s a power house but is not needed for most use cases. Kdenlive is a great free and open source alternative.

Photo Management & Editing

  • GIMP –  powerful graphic editing tool
  • Shotwell – photo management tool
  • Darktable – photography workflow tool and raw developer
  • Vectr – graphic editing tool for vector based graphics
  • Inkscape – Vector graphic editor and drawing program

Cloud & Server Tools

  • Nextcloud –  suite of client-server software for creating and using file hosting services.
    • QOwnNotes – text notepad tool that works well with NextCloud server
  • Github – web based hosting service for version control applications such as code
  • Mozilla IoT – home automation IoT cloud based app. Best to put on separate hub like Rasberry Pi. Still in testing.
  • Tiny Tiny RSS – news feed aggregator can be setup on a server
  • Feedbro – Extension for Mozilla Firefox news aggregator
  • Kodi – media center / entertainment hub that brings all your digital media together into a beautiful and user friendly package.
  • Plex – client-server media player system and software suite

Device Communication

  • KDE Connect – Allows for  your computer and phone to communicate with one another. See and reply to text messages and more with this app. Works with Android.
    • GSConnect – A complete KDE Connect implementation for GNOME
  • Simple Scan – Simple and powerful scanning utility to interact with your printer/scanner combo or stand-alone scanner. Allows for saving in picture or PDF formats
  • Shotwell –  Yes it’s in the photo management section but also has an amazing ability to get photos off of your Android or iOS device
  • CUPS – This is not the most user friendly utility (at first glance) but installing CUPS and interfacing via the web is the easiest way to setup a printer if your printer isn’t recognized by your distro. After install open browser and type:

Tweaks & Customization

  • Fish – user-friendly, interactive shell designed to work with any other shell like bash or ZSH. After install type fish in terminal. Make it forever type $ chsh -s /usr/bin/fish
  • Excalibur Menu – For KDE users this is my favorite menu
  • Ukuu – Kernel update tool to take Ubuntu to a more current kernel for hardware support like Radeon VII which requires Linux Kernel 4.20+