Open Source Software Testing Agreement

User Agreement for Software Testing



1.  Participation in the Program.  The purpose of the Open Source Software Testing Program is to participate in the testing and quality control for alpha, beta, and other pre-release open source software, operating systems, pre-release services, and related documentation, materials, and information available to Program participants for the purpose of providing Developers with feedback on the quality, compatibility and usability of the Software. 

2.  Access to Pre-Release Software, Tools; and Additional Terms.  You understand that Developers may at times make Pre-Release Software available to participants for purposes of downloading online through their websites or web portals. These websites, web portals, or links ‘may’ be restricted for distribution to general public. Programs in which you’re asked to participate in testing of software that is not available to general public will be clearly stated as such. Participants agree not to publicly share or distribute links or make reviews on other platforms outside those disclosed in the testing program instructions until such time the software is made publicly available.

Example: Do not make Youtube video reviews on software that is in pre-release status where software is not generally available to the public.

3.  Feedback; Contact From Developers.  As part of the Beta Program, Developers will provide you with the opportunity to submit bug reports, questionnaires, enhancement requests, issue reports and/or support information (collectively, “Feedback”). 

Developers may request this information from you through email, web questionnaires, bug forms, and other mechanisms.  By agreeing to this Agreement, you agree that Developers may contact you from time to time about the Program, and you hereby consent to receive such communications.  Developers are free to use any feedback received.

4.  Precautions for the use of Software.  You understand that to participate in the Program you may need to remove, install, or re-install certain software from your computer and/or device in order to load the testing Software.  In addition, applications and services you have installed or using may be unable to run or function in the same manner because of your use of the testing Software.  YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT BY INSTALLING SUCH  SOFTWARE, THESE COMPUTERS AND DEVICES MAY NOT BE CAPABLE OF BEING RESTORED TO THEIR ORIGINAL CONDITION AND THAT APPLICATIONS AND SERVICES MAY BE AFFECTED BY YOUR USE OF TESTING SOFTWARE.  FURTHER, YOU UNDERSTAND THAT DATA (INCLUDING DOCUMENTS) FROM SUCH APPLICATIONS OR SERVICES THAT YOU CREATE OR CHANGE WHILE USING THE  SOFTWARE MAY BE INCAPABLE OF BEING RESTORED OR RECOVERED.  DEVELOPERS NOR ANY COMPANIES OR ENTITIES INVOLVED SHALL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY COSTS, EXPENSES OR OTHER LIABILITIES YOU MAY INCUR AS A RESULT OF YOUR TESTING, INSTALLATION OR USE OF SOFTWARE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY DAMAGE TO ANY EQUIPMENT, SOFTWARE OR DATA OR ANY LOSS OF DATA OR INFORMATION ARISING FROM YOUR USE OF SUCH SOFTWARE.  In addition, the Software may contain errors or inaccuracies that could cause failures, corruption or loss of data and/or information from your computer and/or device or from your peripherals (including, without limitation, servers and printers) connected thereto.  We strongly encourages you to back-up all data and information on your computer, devices and/or any peripherals prior to your participation in the Program.  The Software is not intended for use, and should not be used, in production or business-critical systems. 

5.  No Support and Maintenance; Future Products.  During your participation in the Program Developers are not obligated to provide you with any maintenance, technical or other support for the Software. 

6.  No Warranty.  The Developers Software provided hereunder may be designated as alpha, beta, development, pre-release, untested, or not fully tested versions.  The Software may be incomplete and may contain errors or inaccuracies that could cause failures, corruption and/or loss of data or information.  You expressly acknowledge and agree that, to the extent permitted by applicable law, all use of the Software is at your sole risk and that the entire risk as to satisfactory quality, performance, accuracy and effort is with you. 

7. Destination Linux LLC. Destination Linux is only providing a medium for voluntary sign-up and maintains no warranty, guarantees or obligations of any kind for the software or any issues that may arise from use of the software nor the safety or security of the web portals, download links, or any other mediums of which software is acquired. Participants are voluntarily agreeing to participate at their own risk.

8. Distribution Of Contact Information. By submitting the form you understand that the contact information along with any system information you provide will be distributed to Developers for purposes of communication and receiving feedback. You are free to take steps to create separate anonymized e-mail account to receive communications.

9. Participation. PLEASE do not sign-up for this program if you do not intend to actively participate. We are looking for users who are willing to install operating systems and software for the purposes of finding, reporting, and discussing bugs, features, and compatibility. If you do not have systems that you’re not willing to dedicate for purposes of testing do not submit your system. This program is to help the betterment of open source software, it is completely voluntary, and we ask that you please try to complete requests made for such purposes. Please only list software and hardware you will use for these purposes. 

Developer Testing Request Form

By submitting this form you are agreeing to make your software available for testing at your OWN risk. We maintain no responsibility for actions of participants in this program. We are providing NO guarantees or warranties of any kind. You agree that you represent the company and/or creator of the software and are legally able to represent software or company. You guarantee that software is open source and that any information obtained from users should NEVER be used for marketing or any other purpose outside of testing. 


Your Name:

Contact Email:



  1. Is Software Available To General Public Or Pre-Release?

      2. Are you asking for testers to be discrete with information related to the software?

        *Please note, while we will ask for discretion we can not and do not take responsibility for participants actions. Any issues or disagreements are between you and the tester who may be anonymized. 

       3. Is This A Distro Or Software Application?

       4. Please provide URL for users to obtain software:

      5. What kind of testing are you looking for?

            5a. Hardware Compatibility

           5b. Software Bug Reporting?

           5c. Feature/Usability Testing?

          5d. All of the Above

          5e. Other: Please provide details

6. Can users install via Virtual Machine?

7. By what date do you need users to provide feedback by (Please note you should give ample time minimum 30 day notice)?

8. Testing Steps: Please provide details of features you specifically want tested or specific instructions for testing:







User Application

By submitting this application you acknowledge your information will be shared to Developers for purposes of communication.


Your DL Discourse Username:

*Required to reduce amount of fake accounts/spam and for communication from developers which may take place in DLN forums. To sign up go to


Email Address where communications can be sent:


Hardware You Are Making Available For Testing: [OPTION TO ADD MULTIPLE MACHINES]

CPU: [Intel, AMD, ARM]

GPU: [AMD, Intel, Nvidia]

Monitor: Single, Dual, or More

Resolution: 1920×1080, 2k, 4k, other.

Laptop or Desktop?

Distro Installed On Machine?

Distro Version?

Are you willing to install  ‘other’ distros outside a Virtual Machine?

Can you test software outside a Virtual Machine?

Not Required: Attach Hardware System Report by running this command in your terminal on the machine you will be using for testing and attaching text file: $ lshw > hardware.txt


By submitting this form you agree to actively participate in the testing of software for purposes of improving the open source community. Please do not submit this form if you do not intend to actively engage in the requests.

Post Testing User Feedback Form

1. May the developer contact you about these results, if so please include your email address here:

1a. How many hours were you able to test?

1b. What is your experience level with this type of software? [beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert]

1c. What is your experience level with Linux? [beginner, intermediate, advanced, expert]

2. Were you able to install the software/distro?

           If  ‘No’ , what issues did you run into?

3. Did the software contain any bugs you would like to report. If so please detail them here?

3a. What steps did you take to create the issues or bug?

3b. Please attach screenshots or system reports containing any bugs or errors as detailed above:

4. What features did you like most?

5. What features were missing?

6. Was installation simple or difficult?

7. Do you plan to keep using the software? Why or Why Not?

8. What other feedback would you like to provide?