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Thank you for considering support for the DasGeek Channel. We’re working as a community to spread the love of technology and the importance of privacy and security.

There are many ways to contribute. No matter which way you choose – I’m greatful. I’ve provided a wide selection of ways to get involved and always welcome artistic talents as donations as well such as artwork or development on the projects I’m involved with in Github.

Additionally, just watching the Youtube channel and liking, subscribing, commenting, and if you’re brave turning off ad-blocker for my videos all help grow the channel.

Thank you again for your consideration!

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Patreon – Along with my sincere gratitude you get access to Patron only Telegram and your first name listed on my videos and site.

Sponsus – For those who want an alternative to Patreon I’ve setup Sponsus with the same perks.

Donate To FOSS – For those who want to give a donation of $20 or more to a FOSS project I will give you access to the Patron only Telegram. Please connect with my in Telegram to qualify.

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