Fedora 28 Made Me A Believer

I’ve been through the seventh layer of hell known as Gentoo. I’ve traversed the beautiful world of Arch. I conquered the reliable and friendly Buntu’s. Now, I’m comforted in the simplistic advancement of Fedora. I never expected to like it. All signs pointed to disaster. However, with a recent dive into the world of AMD on my latest build I thought it was finally time to give Fedora a try. It was perfect timing as the new Fedora 28 just released. Wayland (on the other hand) wouldn’t last long even with AMD as it’s still too early for anyone to be using it. However, with my old reliable X session I was overwhelmed by the beauty of a more vanilla Gnome experience.

Gnome is another DE that I’ve never really appreciated until now. I’m an Xfce or WM user. I like a DE that’s out of my way and just works. That has never really been my feeling about Gnome in the past where I was forced to use extension after extension to make it resemble something I could enjoy. Now I realize it wasn’t Gnome but rather those deploying Gnome that made it such a bad experience before. Gnome of Fedora is gorgeous, snappy, and productive.

DNF is an absolute joy to use in Fedora. The RPM packages and Flatpaks are near perfection. Things work quickly and the commands make sense. DNF History itself is a powerhouse that allows for immediate rollback in the case something breaks. What a novel idea.

Right now, I feel Fedora is where I may be for a very long time. I didn’t expect to like it here. Yet, here I am. It games like a beast. It looks gorgeous. So far…for the last few weeks – it has even been stable. Time will tell if it remains so.


SouthEast | LinuxFest June 8-10th




This week I’ve been at the SouthEast LinuxFest representing Destination Linux and the DasGeek Youtube Channel. We had a chance to do a live podcast from the fest with Noah from the Ask Noah show and formerly the Linux Action Show. The event was an incredible representation of the Linux community and the friendships and passion for all things Linux.

It was also the first chance I’ve had to meet Michael from Tuxdigital who is also a host on the DL podcast.

If you’ve never had a chance to attend a Linux Fest to this point, I would highly recommend attending one that is near you for the experience. Many people have not only benefited from the programs and contacts but have also found new career opportunities as well.