DasGeek Channel

The DasGeek Channel started out as a way for me to share all the various tech related projects I was working on along with my passion for technology. My curiosity led me to learning more about privacy and security which led me to Linux. Since that time the channel has continued to expand naturally with content focused on education and building a community of people who seek knowledge and also have a willingness to teach.

This channel welcomes all people from any part of the world to come and be apart of this geek movement and culture.

While we have a heavy focus on Linux and open-source there will be a mixture of content from gaming, audiophile, hardware, and software of all types.

About Ryan

I am a technology enthusiast and have a passion for learning. I worked with my Father at an early age learning to build computers for our store and write software to solve problems. Later I went into telecommunications and have been in this industry for twenty years now.

I’ve worked on everything from wireline to wireless but my passion has always been leading others. I’ve spent most of my career in a leadership role where I have the distinct privilege of working beside some of the smartest and most capable people across the world.

My goal is to become more involved in closing the digital divide as well as bringing privacy and security to the forefront of everyone’s mind.  I hope this channel and my work on Destination Linux podcast along with involvement in the community can help make that happen.