Albion Online Updates

Albion Online Update Coming

  • While Blizzard continues to snub Linux with their MMO WoW, we have a newer MMO available to us called Albion Online
  • Albion Online is about to receive a major update this November and adds the following functionality:
    • Change your guilds logo
    • Mark a player or NPC as a target during battles
    • See party combat roles
    • New daily combat arena for Guilds and PVP battles
    • Party finder is a huge addition that allows new players or players without a guild to find random strangers to go on quests with.
    • New random dungeons (random in location and what’s inside)
  • So if you want a decent MMO with native Linux support. Check out Albion Online. 

To get it working in Arch:

– Download Albion from website
– Make app executable and open it to start install
– After install the game won’t launch until you put in this command:

1, Install this package: $ sudo pacman -S sndio

2,Create sym link: $ sudo ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/


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