Q: How did you come up with the name Das Geek?

A: Das Geek means (as I’m told) ‘The Geek’. I originally was going to name my channel Dos Geek, as I was a long-time user of dos. It didn’t look right and being I have a German ancestory I looked up what Das meant – as it was the name of the keyboard I was using at the time. None of this is very interesting but there you go.

Q: What are the PC Specs For The Beast?

A: The specs of “The Beast” are:

– Ryzen 9 3900x CPU

– MSI x570 Creation MB

– AMD Radeon VII

– 64GB DDR4 Corsair Vengeance Pro

– EVGA 1000W GQ

– Themaltake Core P1 Case

– NVMe M.2 w/ several Samsung Pro SSD’s

– Yes, it can run Crysis.

Q: Where is your site hosted?

A: The site is hosted on Digital Ocean and uses Ubuntu server w/ WordPress.

Q: What is your favorite distro

A: My favorite distro in 2019 is Arch for advanced users. MX19, Peppermint and Pop_OS! for those who want out of the box awesome.

Q: What is your favorite Desktop Environment?

A: Xfce is king. KDE is a close second and i3wm for tiling manager lovers.

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: I work in Telecommunications for the last 20 years.

Q: What is your favorite linux software?

A: My favorite software is included here.

Q: What podcasts have you appeared on?

A: Ubuntu Podcast, This week In Linux, Linux For Everyone, and every week on Destination Linux podcast.

Q: Do you use Windows for gaming or dual booting?

A: No. There is nothing wrong if you want to use Windows but I don’t currently use it for anything outside of work where it’s required.

Q: Do you dislike Microsoft?

A: Not exactly, I disagree with their practices around privacy and security.

Q: What are some organizations you donate to?

A: EFF, Arch, OBS, KDE, Debian, Sean Davis Xfce and other FOSS projects I utilize.

Q: Are you looking for sponsors?

A: If the sponsor aligns with the values of my channel and audience for privacy, security, and is something I can personally vouch for.

Q: Do you do paid product reviews?

A: Absolutely not. Companies are free to send me items for review but the review will be based on my opinion. If it sucks and I hate it – that’s what you will get in a video. VPN’s reach out to me the most. You must have a proven track record of privacy and security. There is way too much snake oil with VPN’s so don’t waste your time unless you have proof of your encryption (independent testing) and no logging (courst cases or public record showing you can’t provide logs because you don’t capture them).

Q: How can I help?

A: First, thank you. Second, head to the sponsor the show link at the top of the page and I’ve provided a list of ways for you to get involved.