i3 Prodigies

Apps To Install

File ManagerPCManFM
Flexible file manager
Info CenterConkyAbility to display system information easily and include desktop shortcuts like ArcoLinux
Status BarConkyStatus bar for i3 using conky (optional)
Wallpaper ManagerNitrogenManages wallpaper
Wallpaper ChangerFehLet’s you change wallpapers on each desktop
Window DecorationComptonLet’s you set transparency window
Login ManagerLight-DMWorks well with i3 some login managers do not
Mouse HiderUnclutterHides mouse when not in use, de-clutter desktop
Sound ManagerVoltiLet’s you adjust volume from panel
Sound ManagersPulse Audiopasystray, paman, paprefs, pavumeter, pulseaudio-module-zeroconf
MenuJ4 dMenuj4-dmenu-desktop is best menu system for launching applications
Theme ManagerlxappearanceEasiest theme management
Bluetooth Appletblueman-appletManage Bluetooth
Info Bari3barInfo bar default
Status i3statusAlternate status bar usually default
Network Appletnm-appletAllows network info on status bar
Night Appletredshift-appletControls brightness based on night time and user settings
Terminal EmulatorTilixTiling terminal emulator
NotificationsDunstNotification application
PanelXfce4-PanelXfce panel for i3

Sample config files can be found on my github page here