Lightworks Keyboard Shortcuts

Lightworks Keyboard Assignments

Created by dasgeek

Backtime ‘\’
Cue Marker ”’
Delete Delete
End ‘;’
End (2) End
Forward Nudge ‘.’
Forward Nudge (2) Right arrow
Join Tab
Left ‘a’
Mark ‘i’
Mark segment end ‘}’
Redo Command+Y
Redo (2) Shift+Command+Z
Redo (3) Ctrl+Y
Redo (4) Alt+`
Remove ‘z’
Remove Cue Marker ‘#’
Replace ‘b’
Reverse Nudge ‘,’
Reverse Nudge (2) Left arrow
Right ‘s’
Start ‘h’
Start (2) Home
Stop ‘k’
Swap ‘[‘
Switch Esc
Trim In ‘w’
Trim Last Out ‘q’
Trim Next In ‘r’
Trim Out ‘e’
Undo ‘`’
Undo (2) Command+Z
Undo (3) Ctrl+Z
Unmark ‘p’
Add tracks Backspace
Audio Crossfades F10
Audio Mixer Insert
Batch Import Shift+F1
Clipboard Insert ‘f’
Clipboard Insert (2) Command+V
Clipboard Insert (3) Ctrl+V
Clipboard Replace ‘g’
Clipboard Source ‘d’
Configure current effect F6
Copy to clipboard Command+C
Copy to clipboard (2) Ctrl+C
Copy track Alt+k
Copy track (2) Alt+Ëš
Cue Markers F11
Cut to clipboard Command+X
Cut to clipboard (2) Ctrl+X
Delete selection ‘x’
Delete selection (2) Delete
Effects Creation Panel F9
Empty cut ‘c’
Enable Locked Playing Command+3
Enable Locked Playing (2) Alt+3
Enable Single Playing Command+1
Enable Single Playing (2) Alt+1
Enable Twin Playing Command+2
Enable Twin Playing (2) Alt+2
Exit Application Alt+x
Exit Application (2) Command+X
Exit Application (3) Alt+≈
Export F2
Fit to fill Alt+v
Fit to fill (2) ‘√’
Import F1
Insert & Next ‘v’
Lightworks Forum Page-Down
Mark clip ‘]’
Mark Out ‘o’
Move cut ‘u’
Move track Alt+m
Move track (2) Alt+Μ
Next Audio Node Up arrow
Next keyframe Ctrl+Up arrow
Nudge 10 frames backward ‘m’
Nudge 10 frames forward ‘/’
Play faster backwards ‘j’
Play faster forwards ‘l’
Pop out original ‘n’
Previous Audio Node Down arrow
Previous keyframe Ctrl+Down arrow
Query Nudge Backwards ‘-‘ (numpad)
Query Nudge Forwards ‘+’ (numpad)
Search F3
Select end Shift+End
Select end (2) Shift+Ctrl+End
Select left Shift+Ctrl+Left arrow
Select left (2) Shift+Alt+Left arrow
Select nudge left Shift+Left arrow
Select nudge right Shift+Right arrow
Select right Shift+Ctrl+Right arrow
Select right (2) Shift+Alt+Right arrow
Select start Shift+Home
Select start (2) Shift+Ctrl+Home
Simple Wipes & Dissolves F8
Slide clip ‘t’
Slip clip ‘y’
Swap track Alt+s
Swap track (2) Alt+ß
Toggle A1 ‘3’
Toggle A2 ‘4’
Toggle A3 ‘5’
Toggle A4 ‘6’
Toggle A5 ‘7’
Toggle A6 ‘8’
Toggle A7 ‘9’
Toggle A8 ‘0’
Toggle A9 Hold ‘a’ Tap ‘9’
Toggle Full Screen playback F12
Toggle play Space
Toggle status window Ctrl+B
Toggle V1 ‘1’
Toggle V2 ‘2’
Toggle V3 Hold ‘v’ Tap ‘3’
Toggle V4 Hold ‘v’ Tap ‘4’
Toggle V5 Hold ‘v’ Tap ‘5’
Toggle V6 Hold ‘v’ Tap ‘6’
Toggle V7 Hold ‘v’ Tap ‘7’
Toggle V8 Hold ‘v’ Tap ‘8’
Video analysis Page-Up
Video Routing F7
Zoom in ‘=’
Zoom out ‘-‘
Calculator: All Clear (AC) Ctrl+A
Calculator: Clear Entry (CE) Esc
Calculator: Cycle timecode format Ctrl+T
Calculator: Insert double zero Page-Down
Calculator: Toggle drop frame Ctrl+D