Nextcloud Server In A Snap

Taking control of your cloud storage for documents and media feels great and with Linux you it’s a snap, literally. Just a snap package.

Today in less then an hour I had a fully functional Nextcloud instance setup. Here are the steps to take if you want to learn something new and take control of your media.

Drop an instance of Digital Ocean droplet or a Linode Node. You can go with the smallest size to get started or build one with the storage size you feel you’ll need. You can later connect it to other storage solutions to get more space. I have referral links for both Linode and DO on my dasgeekcommunity website. You can also set this up on your own server but for this document I will assume you’re going to use a cloud server. 

Deploy an Ubuntu 18.04 server on DigitalOcean or Linode. Go through the server setup instructions here:

Initial Server Setup 

* Whether you use DO or Linode the instructions will still work

Log in to your new server

Next follow these instructions to install the Nextcloud snap and do some basic configurations. A Domain Name is not necessary.

After setup you can login to your Nextcloud Server

Once logged in you can install Apps to add features to the server. By default you can create some very basic text files and upload pictures. However, all of this can be enhanced.

Add the following Apps:

– External Storage support
– Markdown Editor
– Notes
– QOwnNotesAPI

The QOwnNotes API will allow you to sync files from your computer to your cloud instance. So as you edit files they will get moved to the server. 

On your local machine (not the server) you can download:

– Install QOwnNotes application for writing documents and using markup. 

– Install Owncloud Client Sync Tool (instructions here)

The QOwnNotes lets you write documents using Markup language and is far more powerful then the standard text file you can use in default NextCloud. The Owncloud Client Sync will move these files to your server so there is always a back-up saved. 

You can then download the Nextcloud app for iOS or Android to sync pictures and files from there as well.

It’s a very simple server with lots of power and add-ons. You get to break free from Google and other services and can secure your documents with encryption. You can also collaborate on documents with Nextcloud as well.

This is a really fun project. Let me know if you end up dropping a Nextcloud server yourself.

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