Sneak Peek Into What’s Coming!

First, a heartfelt thanks to everyone who supports this channel via Patreon. People like you are incredibly special and help creators like me keep momentum. 

Now for some news and sneak peeks just for you!

As you know DasGeek is apart of the Destination Linux Network. This means we have collaboration opportunities across all the shows such as Ask Noah Show, This Week In Linux, Zebedee Boss, Destination Linux, DLN Xtend (a brand new show releasing in a week!) and more on its way. 

This provides us perks such as having our own DasGeek section on the discourse forums here to discuss the content and meet other fans of the show: Click here 

Of course you still have lifetime access to our Patron only Telegram group where I hang out and chat with all my Patrons and friends. 

Next, I have a new podcast in the works. It’s going to focus on my passion which is hardware. There is a distinct lack of good hardware focused podcasts and your support means we’re going to fix that. Stay tuned for more info on that in the coming weeks. 

Still not done here. How about a DLN network wide gaming event? That’s happening as well on November 9th. We will have Jason, Michael, Ryan and hopefully if schedules permit we will also have Nate, Eric, Zeb (Rob) and Noah.

One more thing. The DLN network is partnering with an awesome charity that helps with digital recycling and closing the digital divide. DasGeek channel is going to play a part in that event in a big way.  Personally, the digital divide is something that I’ve been pushing for a long time. I’m involved with other organizations that help to get computers and internet in the hands of everyone. Just this week – I got 3 pies to the face for just such a charity. It was a blast and we raised some good money. I hope we can come together for some awesome collaborations and equipment/fund raising. 

Thank you again for all your support and patience. I appreciate each and every one of you! 

A lot of fun in store and hope you’re as excited as I am. 

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