Support The Channel

Thank you for considering supporting the DasGeek Channel and the work we’re doing as a community to spread the love of technology and learning. There are many ways you can support the channel and I’ve listed ones that cost nothing but time and others that help financially support the work.

Free Options:
  1. You’re artistic talent. If you paint, draw, print, or create anything that could be used on the show or featured on the channel then I would love to see it. Our logos are community developed by Karl Schneider and the paintings that hang in my videos are from a local artist. I love seeing the work of the community and finding ways to incorporate it into the show. So if you create things then email them to me or send them to my P.O. Box on the contacts page and I will make sure to highlight it on a show. Please let me know if you want your name or company mentioned.
  2. Watching the channel on Youtube. Following the channel and watching the content helps me tremendously. Subscribing and turning on notifications are even better. The more subs and more watch time the further Youtube will expand the reach of getting the channel recognized.
Financial Support:

Financial support is always appreciated but never expected. It costs a small fortune to keep bringing the latest tech to the show and your money helps to support that cause. Becoming a Sponsor is the best support because it offers reliable monthly donations as small as $1 and allows me to give my financial backers something in return.

Ko-fi is where I will be posting updates. Behind the scenes pictures and community information. This is the only site that allows me to really reach out to the supporters.

  • Sponsor only Telegram group to hang out with other sponsors and we can all chat together about our latest brain filling activities.
  • My sincere appreciate for your support
  • Behind the scenes pictures
  • Influence on future videos and projects you want to see!
  • Discount codes on Swag
  • NEW Mumble Server

You can also support via Patreon

Members of your community can make a payment towards your Mumble Server by giving them the following URL.

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Your Renewal Date: February 1, 2020

DasGeek Swag

You can also buy some DasGeek Swag! We have a new store from professional printers now available including the Linux ’91 hats.

Setup a Server with Digital Ocean

Use my referral code and drop a new Linux server in the cloud. Great way to fill your brain with Linux server tech. The best part is you can recreate new droplets as often as you like.  Drop a Mumble server, WordPress site, or thousands of other servers for cheap. You can even use One Click App installations to make setup even easier. Cheap as $5 per month.