Thank You For The Support & Upcoming Content

I can’t thank all of you enough for the continued support. I’ve done a terrible job in recognizing the contributions you make each month and for that I apologize.

All future videos will have a THANK YOU message and your first name only (for privacy) showing on the Screenly app that runs in the background of all my videos and on DL.  If you would rather not have your ‘first’ name on the message please let me know and I can remove it or put a username in it’s place. 

Here are the currently planned video content that I’m working on:

– FreeNAS server overview
– Antergos vs Pure Arch review
– SE LinuxFest Live Streams
– Linux Academy Review
– Yubikey Use Cases
– Gaming live streams

Thank you again for the support. Feel free to recommend content as your suggestions will always get priority in my video releases. You rock!

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